Jeff Hillis

Founder | CEO

From a young age, Jeff Hillis showed a natural talent for visualizing spaces, taking note of the smallest details and they can work as catalysts in transforming our surroundings. Beginning his career with a hands-on approach to renovating and reviving spaces, Jeff hones his skills through various development projects, drawing inspiration from the emotional connections we form with our homes and how various elements work in parallel to create a well-designed space.

Based in Scottsdale, Jeff has dedicated his career to mastering the craft of designing, building and developing custom luxury homes, helping clients to envision their dream spaces and bringing them to life through knowledgeable design choices and an ongoing commitment to making your home the best it can be.

With projects that have received national recognition and awards including a Gold Nugget for Best Renovated or Restored Single House in 2018, Jeff’s approach to building incorporates thoughtful consideration to sustainability efforts while recognizing the importance of innovation. From knowing when to invest to understanding when to scale back, his keen eye for curating the very best in quality materials brings an artful balance of function and style to each project with efficiency, foresight and meticulous attention-to-detail.

Through a keen sense of leadership Jeff has successfully led a dynamic team of dedicated professionals through over 150 projects garnering widespread acclaim and an understanding of one thing above all else: there is perhaps nothing more satisfying than seeing one’s dream home come to fruition.


At Hillis Built, we believe that collaboration is the heart of a well-designed space. From new construction to remodels and additions, our team of dedicated professionals are ready to walk you through every stage of a project from key recommendations during the initial planning period to first-rate craftsmanship and project management that ensures you’re receiving the highest value on your home investment.

We offer a commitment to your satisfaction that extends beyond the life of your project, forming lasting relationships with our clients and ensuring that you’re provided with peace of mind in the long-term


  • New Construction
  • Remodels
  • Additions

a step above…


We are committed to keeping our communication lines clear, open and honest, ensuring that everyone involved in a project feels respected, informed and able to share their input freely.


Integrity extends beyond an ongoing commitment to delivering the highest-standard of results, it’s about building trust and ensuring that our clients, colleagues and contractors feel supported and valued in every facet or our work.


We think of our team as part of an extended family – a dynamic group that embraces a “whatever it takes” philosophy and an understanding that a positive attitude and a focus on building lasting relationships will always pay the highest dividends.


From breaking ground to finishing touches we strive to create a final result that is a step above the competition, working closely with our clients to ensure that we’re achieving your goals and going the extra mile to develop strategic solutions every step of the way.